A good lesson depends on the instructor but also on you.

Pour que vos enfants profitent aux mieux de leur cours, merci de penser à :
  • Coming in advance on the meeting place written on your lesson card. 
  • You must have your lesson card on yourself for every lesson, for group or individual one. 
  • Your ski pass must always be on your jacket's left pocket. That would make it easier for each lift mechanical control. 
  • Group lessons require a bit of independance from the student. That doesn't place him in an restrictive reliance on the instructor while doing the exercice. Students must take responsability of their own safety.

Remember to give your child an appropriate equipment for their lesson

Equipment is not included in our offer.
  • The children must come to the lesson with their own equipment (skis, shoes and helmet) 
  • No poles until 1ere étoile level. 
  • Remember to get a ski pass if your children need to go up on the slope.

Important information :

  • We reserve the right to modify programs and timetables during the season. 
  • Bad weather and lift breakdown are not imputable to instructors. 
  • The actual time of lesson can be reduced due to reasons beyond our will. 
  • No reimbursement can be done in those cases. 
  • During French February school holidays, subscription are done by the week of 5 days minimum.

Insurance :

Students are not insured by the school. To avoid financial problems due to an accident, we advise you to consider taking skipass insurance.